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The novel The DaVinci Code sold over 20 million copies in 44 languages and brought to light various wild claims about Jesus Christ that have offended many people of faith. Is it possible that the Bible was a work of fiction? Did Jesus escape death on the cross and become a father?

Some of the other assertions supported by the The DaVinci Code are that Jesus did not die on the cross, but instead married Mary Magdalene, who gave birth to his daughter. The Holy Grail of legend was not the cup of Christ, but no more than a metaphor for Mary Magdalene. The past 2000 years a great conspiracy has kept these world-shattering "facts" hidden from the world. Covert societies, whose alleged members included Renaissance painter Leonardo DaVinci, have protected this secret and kept anyone outside of the private circle from learning the truth about the most important figure of history.

But can these allegations possibly be true? In Exposing the DaVinci Code, world-renowned religious scholars refute these unlikely claims and demonstrate how research proves that the novel is filled with distorted interpretations of history. Supported by archaeological evidence these Biblical academics expose how The DaVinci Code got it so very wrong.