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High above the mountains in Southwestern China, where Yunnan and Sichuan border each other, lies the seldom-visited Lugu Lake. Along its banks, we find the Mosuo people who have continuously practiced the matriarchal systems for centuries. Whether out of volition, or of necessity, the Mosuo women have taken on leader ship in their society for the past two thousand years. In the Mosuo households, the eldest female dominates every aspect of the daily lives and are the principal, if not the sole providers for each household. There is no marriage contract in any real sense and the offspring resulting from these unions are taken and raised by the women and their clans. Secluded in their own corner of the world, life in this matrilineal society has remained tranquil because its people have held on to their religious beliefs; however, fears that the way of the Mosuo may die are now becoming real urgent concerns. In his interview, the Mosuo Lama, Yeshe Tsultim predicts a short-lived future for the Mosuo way of life.

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