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The best-seller The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown has increased tourism in Europe to epic proportions. His vibrant and detailed descriptions of some of Europe's hottest attractions create a sense of drama and adventure that might leave some readers ready to pack their bags and cross the Atlantic. But before you confirm any plans, allow travel expert, Laura McKenzie, to take you on her own DaVinci Code Tour so you'll know what to expect, how to prepare, and what not to miss!

Join Laura as she immerses you in the art, history and grandeur of France, Italy, England and Scotland. She'll also give you tips on the best places to go for shopping deals and splendid meals. You'll love how Laura never shies away from the truth and always tells it to you like it really is.

So whether you've read the book or not, sit back and get ready to be wowed by all of the museums, markets, monuments, menus and merriment of Laura McKenzie's DaVinci Code Tour!