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13 x 30 HD

When danger comes knocking will you be ready? Is the Ocean Survivor in you? Now in its second season Ocean Survivor is not just "The" high action series on safety at sea, it's your personal lifeline, and a global awareness series on the very survival of the blue planet itself. Working on mindset, by staring down the face of fear. That's what it takes to be an Ocean Survivor. Awareness, knowledge, practice and finally readiness, Ocean Survivor is where the everyday heroes belong. We continue to thank the many true witnesses who have made our debut season possible by sharing their life experiences, by shedding a brighter light and bringing a more accurate vision to the broader issues. Today these are the issues which continue to touch us all, often directly and evermore personally. That's why this season we're taking it to the next level: with twelve brand-new 26 minute shows, packed with high-octane survival stories, and set in breathtaking coastal locations across the European continent and beyond.

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