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This is a film about a suit. Not just any suit, mind you, but a sharkskin suit made especially for a Italian Mafia Don. More importantly, this is a film about the tailor who fit him.

“Sharkskin” is the Post World War II story of Manhattan born Mike Esposito, a practiced tailor of custom men’s clothing; a man of dignity and honor, whose developing involvements with the Italian mob wraps him up in a world of moral dilemma and clashing values.

When Mike’s dream of making a suit for the local mafia head, Don Piano, becomes a reality, he unavoidably begins to face the criminal world and its stark contrast with his highly held principles. The pay is lucrative, the prestige grand, but when Mike’s son, Sammy, unexpectedly becomes a student of and a participant in the mob’s operations, Mike begins to question the effects on his family as a consequence of his accepting the job.

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