1 x 60 HD

Narrated by Martin Sheen

A timely film that addresses global warming and its impact on the world’s water supply.

The nation of Bangladesh is prey to every threat from water known to man. Water Wars: When Drought, Flood, and Greed Collide tells the story of this land at war with not only rising seas, but devastating floods and droughts. And as this poor country sees less and less river water during the dry season, it is forced to dig deeper for more wells, encountering arsenic poisoning that is filling hospitals and graveyards.

Today the struggle ‘with’ and ‘for’ water has become a global crisis. Global warming is affecting lowland countries around the world, with Bangladesh among those at greatest risk. Jim Burroughs and his crew spent two years on this project - in Bangladesh where they witnessed flood, drought, and near-violent protests; in India documenting the struggle of Indian activists; in New Orleans after Katrina; and in Holland where they examined its state-of-the-art canal and levee system.

The question we ask ourselves: can the global community work together to deal with the impending calamity of a global water war?

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