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Shane Richie


A definitive look at being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

From heart-stopping close shaves and averted disasters to incredible brushes with danger, this show counts up from 1 to 101 to feature some of the most unbelievable near misses of all time. Narrated by Shane Richie, we’ll see that near misses can occur anywhere: on the road, in the sea, up in the air – or even in the workplace. And there’s no age limit either: we witness children just missing a huge falling tree and pensioners at the mercy of rogue mobility scooters. The 101 near misses come from all over the world and also include daredevils and adventurers such as a champion surfer who narrowly avoids being a shark’s dinner, and a hand-glider who only realized he was missing a harness in mid-air. 101 Near Misses is not to be missed – but is definitely best watched from the comfort and security of a sofa!

Categories:   Entertainment/Comedy, New Releases, Reality

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