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Anastasia Lin


Banned Beauty Queen is the story behind Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin using her beauty and brass to stand up against an oppressive juggernaut the Chinese communist government. It's a David vs. Goliath story except this time David is taking on Goliath in 6 inch heels. Drama, danger and fear follow Anastasia as she becomes the darling of the human rights community, traveling the globe to bring the world's attention to an increasing list of China's atrocities: the persecution of prisoners of conscience, religious persecution and forced human organ harvesting. All this while dealing with the heartbreak of having put her father's life in danger. Full of glitz, glamour, and dramatic behind-the-scenes access, the documentary follows Anastasia as she gets on the front page of the New York Times, featured in Der Spiegel, Cosmopolitan, meets with the Dalai Lama, speaks at the U.N. and finally makes her way to the Miss World Finals.

Categories:   Documentaries, Social Issues

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