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A definite case of bigger proving to be better!

In this eye-opening series we explore the secretive, sexualized subculture of Feederism, where big people are paid to get even bigger by devoted admirers. Once solely regarded as a niche fetish, Feederism might be on the cusp of going mainstream. There has been a 600% rise in traffic to Feeder websites in the last five years as a growing number of women take control of their bodies and their incomes by celebrating their weight with like-minded people online. Over the course of the series, we meet a range of feeders and feedees, including Florida-based flatmates Leighton and Ivy who top the scales at a combined 1000 pounds, Brit Liam, who is 230Kg American Reeynaye Starr’s biggest fanboy, and 127Kg Rose from Wales who, having seen how much money feederism can generate, is now tempted to dip her toe in the water.

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