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Ted Levine, Kelly Carlson, Patrick Fabian


Ian Colletti delivers the performance of a lifetime in this heartfelt family drama based on the best-selling book by Robert Whitlow. Colletti stars as Jimmy Mitchell, a young man whose world is a place where a boy can be a man even if he is 'special'. Where angels hover, mostly unseen. Where danger can happen, and hearts can falter ' but love is never wasted. Filled with Southern characters at once familiar and unexpected, Jimmy is an extraordinary tale about growing up in the midst of real struggle. Co-starring Bob Gunton (The Shawshank Redemption), Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck), Patrick Fabian (Saved By the Bell), Chuck Carrington (JAG), Ted Levine (Monk) and Greg Alan Williams (Remember the Titans), Jimmy is a story that you will never forget.

Categories:   Drama, Features, Family / Kids, Faith / Inspirational