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Jodie Sweetin; David Lipper; Alec Mapa; Danielle Perez


A beautiful young woman who rejects every guy she meets because they don’t meet her insane standards for perfection meets a guy on a dating app who is smart, funny, and kind but heavier and balder than the old pics he posted. Confined to the digital realm by quarantine - and eager to prove to her friends that she isn’t shallow, she allows herself to get to know him in a way she never would have in the outside world. Of course the huge mansion he lives in doesn’t hurt. They fall in love over zoom, but when she discovers he’s not the person she thought he was financially or professionally, she rejects him, resigned to go back to her lonely life, until a real world emergency turns her world upside down and changes her priorities forever.

Categories:   Features, New Releases, Comedy, Romantic Comedy

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